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The Auction

Place your bid for some premium, unique, and one of a kind items provided generously by our supporters!

Laird Stage

Come and see a diversity of queer and kinky adult performances held right here on the Laird Stage!

Leather & Treasure

Browse through donated leather, rubber, and other assorted second hand goodies!


what's on

Market Alley

Stroll down Market Alley and pick up some goods from our independent, queer-supported businesses. 

Master Baker

Register to compete for the coveted title of Master Baker in the greatest queer bake-off ever!


Keep yourself full and grab a sausage or some meat in a bun at our very own Bear-BQ!


Master Baker will unfortunately not be returning in 2021 due to health and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19. We hope to bring this event back in the future!

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