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Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to receive and curate donated items to either the Leasure & Treasure stalls or the Auction on the day. All donated items must be organised prior to attendance of the event.

Of course! The event is diverse and all inclusive, everybody and everyone is welcome at the Northside Bizarre!


I don't identify as a male, am I welcome?

Yes! Click the 'Make a Donation' button at the top of this page on the far right to make a cash donation! You can also support Northside Bizarre provide financial aid to those living with HIV by purchasing items from the Auction or the Leather & Treasure stores too!

I don't have anything to donate to the stalls or auction, can I make a cash donation?

No, the event is free to attend but do bear in mind that this is also a fundraising event for those living with HIV.

Are there any access charges on the day?

Yes, in fact we prefer it, what with COVID-19 and all!

Do you have tap pay in all areas?

Your donation is always appreciated, but we do prefer that you use card due to the pandemic.

Can I donate dollars on the day with cash or card?

What if I want to donate items on the day?

Please do your best to avoid skin contact with our volunteers and cashiers - try and deposit your money directly into their buckets and aim to pay with correct change so as to minimise the amount our team must come into contact with cash on the day.

How should I handle cash if that's all I have on the day?

Yes, all thanks to the Dykes on Bikes for running it!

Will there be a cloakroom?

No, you will need to take your purchases with you on departure. But if you ask us nicely we might be able to hold onto it for you until you leave. Or you could visit the cloakroom!

Can I pick up my purchases after the event?

Yes, but for the third time now, we'd really really really prefer that you use card so that you don't accidentally send Melbourne into a third COVID-19 wave.

Will there be an ATM?

No, due to health and safety concerns, food may only be consumed from the various approved stalls we have organised for the day. Our liquor license does not have a BYO policy, so all drinks must be purchased onsite.

Can I bring my own food? Or alcohol?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes, of course!

Will there be vegetarian and vegan food options?

We wouldn't be able to survive the day without coffee either. Yes, there will be.

What about coffee?

As long as genitals are covered, you are completely welcome to do so. But please remember that not everyone is going to be looking for what you're selling and that there will be a range of ages in attendances, so please aim to maintain respect during this public event.

Can I wear chaps without any underwear?

As with anything in life, consent is key. If you do not have consent to touch, you do not get to touch. This goes for people's bodies, their belongings, and anything they're wearing - including puppy tails.

How touchy-feely can I get?

No. Please come in whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Do I need to wear fetish gear to attend?

Yes! Everyone and anyone is welcome to hang around after for a couple of cheeky afternoon bevvys.

Will the Laird be open to everyone after the event finishes?

In most capacities, yes. But due to the old building's limitations we may need to discuss with you what we can do to accomodate you to the best of our ability. Please do not hesitate to contact us to make sure that you will have complete accessibility on the day.

Is the event accessible?

Yes, we will have medics present on the day at the southern entrance to the event. Please refer to the venue map for further details.

Will there be a medic on the day?

Due to liquor licensing laws, minors may only attend when accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or married spouse. If you will be in attendance with one of these three people, you are welcome at the event, although the nature of the event exhibits 18+ themes.

Can under 18s attend the event?

Usually we'd love to see your little pupper, but due to our focus being on mitigating risks surrounding COVID-19 this year, we have unfortunately had to make the difficult decision to disallow the attendance of kanine pals.


You got free wifi?

Can I bring my dog?

What guy in a rubber suit? We don't know what you're talking about.

Who's the guy in the rubber suit getting around on all fours, collecting donations with a bucket in his mouth?

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